InCharacter is a Discord Bot and role-playing database for role-playing that turns your Discord text-based RP chat into stylish rich embeds. By using commands for each character you create along with special features like styles and dice rolling, you can go from boring text chat to posts that show off facial expressions, images, links and other mark-up that make your IC chat clean and styled compared to just regular text posts. You also get an author profile that shows your character list and earn experience points by role-playing with InCharacter.

InCharacter Premium features include sharing your character commands with your friends, character adoptions and more! You can get Premium by upvoting on Top.GG every 12 hours. This helps other Discord RPers find and use InCharacter and let’s us know it’s worth it to you to keeping the bot up and running.

Become a Patreon Patreon to support InCharacter’s future development. In the neat future, Premium features will be greatly enhanced for Patreon supporters, so get in early! Become a Patreon Patron!

There is also a dice roll feature that you can use both IC (as a subcommand) and OOC! It parses out the results so you can see the total roll and each individual roll.

Take a look at styles in action! Styles allow you to change parts of the embed such as the avatar, image and embed bar for the same character using a subcommand.

Every characters gets its own character profile too! You can add a short bio about your character and include a RP style with some keywords to help others know the sort of RP your character was made for!

Every user also gets an author profile too! This is your own little section that you can set up how you’d like. You can click on the emoji reactions to view an author’s bio, character list and other neat features coming in future updates!

See InCharacter in action!

Get Started.

1. Type c/help to get a DM of all the latest features and how to use them.

2. DM these commands to InCharacter Bot to set up!

[Required] c/character to start the prompts to create or update a character (“call”). Character commands on InCharacter are referred to as your Call. You can have as many Calls as you’d like! This is what makes your special c/YourCharacterHere commands.

[Optional] c/author to start the prompts to create or update your author profile. InCharacter creates a default profile for you when you make your first Call if you don’t have an author profile set up yet. This is what appears when you use c/who to look up your profile or other users profiles.

4. Type c/[Call] [Optional:#d#] [Optional:Code] [In character text here!] to use it! Don’t include the brackets.

InCharacter will remove your message and reply with a rich embed using the style of the [Call] used, add in a dice roll if you used #d#, overwrite any changes if you used a [Code] and put the [In character text here!] message into the description field. You now have a beautifully formatted, personalized, stylish in-character post!


Q: Can others use my characters or styles?

A: No, but Premium features allow you to permit and revoke Call use with specified Discord users, or transfer a Call (“adopt”) to another Author permanently.

Q: Who can edit authors, characters and styles?

A: Only the original Author. Even if you have a shared character, only the original author can edit their profile, Calls and Codes.

Q: What’s the invite for the support server?


Q: How can I support your work and get Premium?

A: New Premium coming soon!

Q: What if I just want to donate?

A: Click here!