InCharacter™ & Premium FAQ


Premium will be rolling out as a Patreon reward hopefully this summer and I will update this pin when it’s released. For now, read below Q&A to check out how it’ll work and reply with your questions!

Q: What is InCharacter Premium?

A: As InCharacter is updated, certain advanced features are limited either partly or wholly to Premium supporters. Premium features, called Charismatic Actions, include but aren’t limited to styles, worlds, character sharing, combat and adopts. You also get an EXP boost.

Q: Why do you charge for Premium?

A: Running InCharacter on a stable dedicated server, personally taking time to code features, and maintaining the database all have a cost. Premium helps cover those costs and goes towards better feature development and expansion. You can still get a few Charisma points to use on Charismatic Actions each time you vote for InCharacter on Top.GG absolutely free.

Q: What benefits do I get with Premium?

A: Depending on your tier, you can get a sticker or a mug after 3 months of Premium. Additionally, Premium features called Charismatic Actions like styles, worlds, sharing and adopts won’t cost you Charisma. Any Charisma you accumulate will save up and be usable again if you lose Premium.

Q: Why don’t updates happen faster?

A: I have a lot of other work. I’m an attorney by day, and I also work on comics and art on the side. Currently, InCharacter runs at a loss, meaning it costs a lot more to maintain this than I get in donations and pledges. Just to cover the bare basic costs, I would need to have at least 4 or 5 Patreon patrons per month.

While I diligently work at improving and testing code on the [ DEV ] versions, I just do not have the income to justify dropping other priorities to get updates done faster. Should InCharacter growth on Patreon reach a high level of support, I would certainly dedicate time to it. For now though, I need to do what I need to do to pay the bills. I hope you can understand, and I hope to see the day I have enough support to allow me to spend dedicated time making regular updates on a schedule.

Have ongoing questions? Comment to get an answer!