Animated tutorial guides are coming soon!
Please bear with us, they take time to make!

For now, please use c/help with the bot to get a list of features. You can get help with features and setup in our support server here.

Create, Update, and Delete Characters. Use the c/menu for now to make, update, and delete characters. You’ll be able to set sharing for select Discord IDs so your friends can use your characters, or set them to GLOBAL to allow anyone on Discord to use that character. You can also toggle privacy to hide the character’s bio from being displayed by anyone but you.

Edit Old Messages. Did you make a mistake posting in-character with the bot? No problem! Edit your post with c/edit MessageId Your new message here! You can’t edit the post’s style yet (i.e., add/remove rolling or style codes) but this will let you quickly fix any embed. InCharacter posts are tied to your Discord ID, so editing only works for your own posts meaning no worries about others (shared or not) editing your stuff. You can also delete messages using the c/delete MessageId command from the channel you need to delete a message in.

Author Lookup. Use c/who with a DiscordID or @ TAG to look up a user’s profile, which allows you to see their characters, scenes, communities, and respective rankings.

Communities. Use our RP Finder to look up Discord server communities on InCharacter. You can type c/rp by itself to browse the whole directory, or use keywords after the command to return matching search results right in the bot. Learn how to add you community in our support server!

Autocall. Requires Premium. Using c/auto YourCharacterCall with Premium allows you to automatically set InCharacter to use that call for your messages on that Discord server and channel. Use c/auto without anything else to disable it in the same channel.

Dice Roll! You can roll up to 100 dice with up to 9999 sides using the c/roll #d# command, i.e., c/roll 2d6 for 2 dice with 6 sides. More complex rolling will come in the future!

You can even use dice rolls while in-character like a style! Simply add 2d6 at the beginning of a c/ character post or Autocall post.

To use InCharacter once you have made a character, type c/YourCharacterCall Your message here! in any channel. The bot will delete your command message and post your character using embedding!

More features are coming very soon including “Scenes” and other useful tools for characters and role-playing online!